Dominica Plants was put together with the sole aim of promoting and organizing related information about Dominica's Flora, Fauna and ecological information along with the study researches conducted in Dominica.

We strive to:

  1. Build and maintain a website database for the following:
  2. Manage and displaying reported or listed flora and fauna.
  • Managing and display information relating to relevant ecological paper or publication relation to organisms here or research about the organism conducted in Dominica.
  • Managing and displaying specimen collections from Dominica that have either been in the collection here or deposited in other places.
  1. Build an online database of listed or reported flora and fauna.
  • Build a herbarium and specimen collection of all the listed or reported species found in Dominica.
  • Help foster more ecological researches on Dominica.
  • Build a herbarium and specimen collection.
  • Advocate for a law to preserve Dominica's heritage by having a museum and curators.